Idleon! World 3: Ice Mountains

Save your time candies! Soon the much anticipated word 3: Ice Mountain will be released (V. 1.20). The creator of game has announced the release date for world 3 for around May 22nd, give or take a few days. World 3 will have many of the same features of the previous worlds such as monsters and portals for stages, plus two new resource skills and one new town skill. Also, it is teased that a tower defense game and much more new features.

World 3: Ice Mountain Content List

New Skilling Classes!
New resource skill classes will be added. These are Trapping and Worship.
One new town skill will be added as well.

sneak peak image from LavaFlame2 on Discord (Prayer Orbs)
sneak peak image from LavaFlame2 on Discord (New Town Skill)

More Player Slots!
LavaFlame2 has announce he plans on adding more playable characters up from 7 to 12. It is not known if this will be slowly added or all at once.

Tower Defense Game!
In Discord LavaFlame2 said get some practice in wit Bloons or other tower defense games.

sneak peak image from LavaFlame2 on Discord (Tower Defense)

50% More Content!
This will be the largest world and biggest update so far in Idleon!

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