Marvel Snap: All Jim Lee Card Variants

Jim Lee is nothing shy of a living legend in the comic book field. Lee’s work alone in illustration helped rebrand X-Men into their popular 90s style used for the comics, cartoons, action figures and more. Lee’s artwork is a signature classic for Marvel, and it doesn’t stop there. Lee also did illustrations and art when starting Image Comics, and later for DC as well. Not only is Jim Lee a famous comic book artist, he is a also credited writer for many series he worked on, and now is head publisher for DC comics! Growing up on Marvel in the 90’s, you’ll be sure to see many of Jim Lee’s work in my best of Marvel Snap variant cards page.

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Angel Jim Lee Variant
Bishop Jim Lee Variant
Colossus Jim Lee Variant
Cyclops Jim Lee Variant
Domino Jim Lee Variant
Forge Jim Lee Variant
Sentinel Jim Lee Variant