Marvel Snap: All Variants, types, and more

Marvel Snap is loaded with character cards. (Over 240 and counting) And each character also has variant card designs. This is great for not only collectors that play, but competitive players who like their deck to have a them. You can have a pixel deck, sports deck, chibi deck, steam punk deck, and so on. Some variants are even based off the work of certain artists. And of course you can blend the styles or just go with your favorite variants. Check out our info on Marvel Snap variants below!

Wow is the TVA gonna be mad when they see all the variants.

What Are Variant Cards?

Variants are alternative card designs to use when playing Marvel Snap. They have the same effect as the original card, but debatably look cooler than the original. Looking at you pixels. Variants also offer collection points for upgrading them like the original cards. So they are worth collecting to unlock more cards! New variants are being introduced all the time. And when a new character card comes out it usually comes with a few variants to start as well.

How To Get Variants

Variants can be obtained in many ways! They can be unlocked by progressing through the season, although you’ll get many more with the season pass. Variants can be bought in the shop, but only show variants of cars you already have. Sometimes variants are even given away in game for free with updates and news!

All Variant Types In Marvel Snap

Currently in Marvel Snap there is almost 100 types of variants, with many being single variant types or special variants. There are 19 variants types with 12 or more cards. With Pixel having the most by far with over 100 cards. Some variants are based on themes like vacations, steampunk, etc. Some are based on artists like Jim Lee, Ryan Brown, Dan Hipp, and so on. There are other specialty variants as well that are one-shots.

List of Variant Types:

New and Latest Variant Cards in Marvel Snap

One of the newest variant cards in Marvel Snap is Hero Storm! She is free to get along with the new event. Log in now to claim it! Early December, 2022.

A new variant style, 90’s variants, has been released with the latest event. Early December, 2022.

A new Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and Doctor Doom untitled variants have now been released. 12/16/2022.