Marvel Snap: Negative Surfer Deck

The Negative Surfer Deck takes the best of two cards (Silver Surfer and Mister Negative), and makes the best out of them together. They key to this deck is having the title characters, and cards that cost 3 yet have power lower than 3. Iron man isn’t as crucial but is a power player in this deck. This deck, along with the Leech Leader deck, have been one of the hottest decks for December 2022’s meta game and season.

Replacing Mojo and Adam Warlock with Psylocke and Sera actually will make this the top tier meta deck in the last week of December 2022.

The Negative Surfer Deck has the following cards:

  • Bast 1/1
  • Adam Warlock 2/0
  • Forge 2/1
  • Mojo 2/2
  • Mystique 3/0
  • Silver Surfer 3/0
  • Rogue 3/1
  • Wolfsbane 3/1
  • Brood 3/2
  • Mister Fantastic 3/2
  • Mister Negative 4/-1
  • Iron Man 5/0

Other great cards for Negative Surfer Decks:

  • Psylocke
  • Sera
  • Ironheart
  • Gambit
  • Sera
  • Bishop

Countering Negative Surfer Decks

This deck relies heavily on effects working and playing many cards. So it is venerable to Cosmo and closing lanes with Professor X or Storm. Not feeding Mojo’s ability and putting pressure on all lanes also helps against Negative Surfer decks.

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