Marvel Snap: Cyclops Deck

The Cyclops card in Marvel Snap may not seem like much with no ability, but don’t let this X-Men leader fool you. His 3/4 cost/power is pretty fair, and works with patriot. In fact, Cyclops can get power buffs from Silver Surfer and Patriot, making him a fairly strong card. This deck is made for people who love Cyclops and want to play him, but also want to win! This deck focuses more on 3 cost cards and a few no ability cards besides Cyclops like Wasp and Abomination. But, Cyclops is the only one that gets all the buffs! Beast is good for returning Surfer to boost him again, and Mystique to copy Patriot. Also, this deck kind of has an appropriate X-Men theme of cards from Marvel Snap.

The Cyclops Deck contains the following cards:

  • Wasp 0/1
  • Sunspot 1/1
  • Beast 2/2
  • Mystique 3/0
  • Silver Surfer 3/0
  • Patriot 3/1
  • Mister Fantastic 3/2
  • Captain America 3/3
  • Cyclops 3/4
  • Thor 3/4
  • Polaris 3/5
  • Abomination 5/9

Other great cards for a Cyclops Deck are:

  • Odin
  • Magneto
  • Psylocke
  • Cosmo
  • Armor

How To Counter A Cyclops Deck

Like many decks a Cyclops deck is taken out easily with a proper Cosmo play. Unlike many decks, Cyclops is pretty safe from Leader and Leech. High powered cards can make it a tough win for Cyclops as well.