Marvel Snap: Jubilee Deck

The Jubilee card is a great card that makes interesting decks with its ability. She is a 4/1 card that pulls another card from your deck into play. Because of this ability, it is recommended to have high cost cards in your deck when building a Jubilee deck. That way, the chances of her playing a 5 or 6 cost card on turn 4 is greatly increased. Infinaut and Death are great examples of powerful cards that are hard to play, but not if played by using Jubilee!

Cards included in a Jubilee Deck:

  • Sunspot 1/1
  • Agent 13 1/2
  • Armor 2/3
  • Storm 4/1
  • Devil Dinosaur 5/3
  • Arnim Zola 6/0
  • Odin 6/8
  • American Chavez 6/9
  • She-Hulk 6/10
  • Giganto 6/14
  • The Infinaut 6/20

Other great cards for a Jubilee deck:

  • Death
  • Psylock

Countering Jubilee Decks

Jubilee requires using an On Reveal ability and board space. She can be countered and controlled by using Cosmo or clogging the board. Also, Jubilee decks often rely on high powered cards. So having a Shang Chi handy can counter the power of a Jubilee deck.