Marvel Snap: Angela Deck

The Angela card in Marvel Snap is a very underrated card. Combined with the right deck she can be very powerful. This deck is an example of how Angela can be played to become overpowered. Play cards in her location then move or destroy them, repeat. Nightcrawler and Vision are good examples of Angela combos. Deadpool is a great combo card with Angela as well. Check out this deck and let us know what you think!

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Marvel Snap: Mister Negative Deck

The Mister Negative card in Marvel Snap has a great original ability that flips the game. His ability, “swap the power and cost of the cards in your deck”, make a whole new level of fun when it comes to deck building in Marvel Snap. The key idea in building a deck with Mister Negative is having high cost cards with low power like Ironheart, Arnim Zola, and Iron Man. Psylocke would be a great addition to the deck to have him played quicker, as you really don’t have much play until he is played on turn 4. This is a deck that requires a good draw, but when it works, it really works. This deck also takes advantage of the Black Panther and Arnim Zola combo that reactivates him. Jubilee is a extra chance to play Mister Negative if you haven’t drawn him by turn 4. Enjoy!

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Marvel Snap: Cyclops Deck

The Cyclops card in Marvel Snap may not seem like much with no ability, but don’t let this X-Men leader fool you. His 3/4 cost/power is pretty fair, and works with patriot. In fact, Cyclops can get power buffs from Silver Surfer and Patriot, making him a fairly strong card. This deck is made for people who love Cyclops and want to play him, but also want to win! This deck focuses more on 3 cost cards and a few no ability cards besides Cyclops like Wasp and Abomination. But, Cyclops is the only one that gets all the buffs! Beast is good for returning Surfer to boost him again, and Mystique to copy Patriot. Also, this deck kind of has an appropriate X-Men theme of cards from Marvel Snap.

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Marvel Snap: Jubilee Deck

The Jubilee card is a great card that makes interesting decks with its ability. She is a 4/1 card that pulls another card from your deck into play. Because of this ability, it is recommended to have high cost cards in your deck when building a Jubilee deck. That way, the chances of her playing a 5 or 6 cost card on turn 4 is greatly increased. Infinaut and Death are great examples of powerful cards that are hard to play, but not if played by using Jubilee!

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Marvel Snap: The Infinaut Deck

The Infinaut is a powerful card in Marvel Snap. So, powerful decks have been built around him. Here is our version of The Infinaut Deck. This deck is focused on using the best card combos and play to make sure The Infinaut gets played. The Infinaut gets played by either being pulled by Jubilee, being discarded and brought back by Lady Sif and Ghost Rider, or skipping a turn to play him and letting Sunspot soak up the energy.

Armor is there to protect Sunspot. Storm and Jessica Jones are a known combo to help secure another lane preferably with Sunspot or someone else, before playing The Infinaut in another. Iceman and Scorpion are there to weaken the opponents deck. And for late game, Magik is there to allow an optional play of skipping turn 6 for Sunspot and playing She-Hulk and The Infinaut together.

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Marvel Snap: Sera Miracle Deck

Sera Miracle deck is one of the first meta decks in Marvel Snap. It blends some power and destroy cards to hit hard. Try to save Nova and Killmonger until late game for a big advantage shift. Using Sera on turn five allows to play up to 3 cards that cost 2 instead of 3 at once on turn four. This play ended up inspiring alot of future meta decks like Sera Surfer for power or SerAero for a great control deck.

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Marvel Snap: Ongoing Destroyer Deck

The Ongoing Destroyer deck takes an ongoing ability deck and combines it with the power of the Destroyer card. The primary two cards in this deck are Spectrum with her plus 2 power to all ongoing cards, and Destroyer for his big power at the end. This deck is played by focusing on two lanes, one protected by Armor and one with Destroyer in play. Cosmo can be used to block Destroyers destroy all cards ability. Mr. Fantastic and Klaw help power up an empty lane. Then, Warpath gets his boost from that empty lane. All this while using Goose and Sandman to keep game control.

See moreĀ meta decks here.

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Marvel Snap: Shuri Pile Deck

Another top meta deck for Shuri, the Shuri Pile deck, takes the Shuri Vision deck and combines it with the power of Taskmaster. First discussed by Ben on, this deck makes a mean turn 4, 5, 6 combo by hoping to draw and play Shuri, then Vision or Aero, followed by Task Master. No matter how you play it, Taskmaster doubles up on Shuri’s buff. Combined with the early game power of Lizard and Maximus, this power control type deck really shows the power of Shuri.

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Marvel Snap: Leader Deck

The Leader card in Marvel Snap has taken the meta by storm this season. The Leader paired with Leech to make a Leech/Leader deck has upset alot of players and some have called for developers to fix it. But, this may just be a clue to how competitive the game may be, and how important the meta is. However, with his own solo deck the Leader shows he can cause damage without the help of Leech. Check out this Leader deck below that is currently making its way around Marvel Snap. Of course, Leech could easily replace Jessica Jones or Vision to make it a Leach Leader deck. But, they key here is using Vision to control the final turn placement and win the game.

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Marvel Snap: Dino Control Deck

One of the top deck themes in Marvel Snap is the Devil Dinosaur decks. There are many versions of the dino decks, but they are usually best when put together with control/tech cards to win the game. This is our basic dino control deck. This deck has a variety of options in replacing cards, but to keep it true to the Devil Dinosaur cards, you want to keep a few key cards. Must have cards for a good Devil Dinosaur deck is Moon Girl, White Queen, Sentinel, and of course Devil Dinosaur himself. These cards keep Devil Dinosaur buffed with more cards in hand. Other cards can be replaced for availability, play style, or current top meta cards.

Other one cost cards that work well with Devil Dinosaur are Agent 13 and Quinjet. Mantis is great as well but can be a hit or miss. A popular meta deck in December 2022 is the Good Card Dino Deck. Simply ass Quinjet, Leader, and Maximus to the Dino Control deck in replace of Sunspot, Polaris, and Arnim Zola and you have that deck!

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