Marvel Snap: Ongoing Destroyer Deck

The Ongoing Destroyer deck takes an ongoing ability deck and combines it with the power of the Destroyer card. The primary two cards in this deck are Spectrum with her plus 2 power to all ongoing cards, and Destroyer for his big power at the end. This deck is played by focusing on two lanes, one protected by Armor and one with Destroyer in play. Cosmo can be used to block Destroyers destroy all cards ability. Mr. Fantastic and Klaw help power up an empty lane. Then, Warpath gets his boost from that empty lane. All this while using Goose and Sandman to keep game control.

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The Ongoing Destroyer Deck contains the following cards:

  • Antman 1/1
  • Goose 2/2
  • Mojo 2/2
  • Armor 2/3
  • Mister Fantastic 3/2
  • Captain America 3/3
  • Cosmo 3/3
  • Sandman 4/1
  • Warpath 4/5
  • Klaw 5/4
  • Spectrum 6/5
  • Destroyer 6/15

Other good cards for the Ongoing Destroyer Deck are:

  • Ebony Maw 1/7
  • Invisible Woman
  • Professor X

Countering The Ongoing Destroyer Deck

If you know you are going against this deck you can try to find out what their chosen weak lane is and win it. The follow up focusing on their second weakest lane. Enchantress is a great card to counter a Ongoing Destroyer deck.

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