Marvel Snap: The Best Meta Decks In Game Right Now

This page is currently updated daily. This deck building guide is for more advanced players looking ideas of the the best becks to play. For beginner and earlier game deck building check out this page: Marvel Snap: Building The Best Deck For All Player Levels.

Current Top Meta Decks:

It can be hard to say what the absolute best deck in Marvel Snap is. We can look at win rates and top tiers thanks to sites like MarvelSnap.Pro (win rates) and (top tier decks), but that doesn’t guarantee the right deck. First off, you need the cards. Secondly, decks are based of themes and combos, such as ongoing abilities or destroy and two or more cards cards with high synergy like Death/Wave or Daredevil/Professor X. But, we will try to do our share and discuss and hopefully inspire ideas for decks you can use to climb through the ranks to infinite in Marvel Snap!

Currently the meta is basing much on the new season card Silver Surfer with decks like the Sera Surfer. Also series 4 and series 5 cards are rolling out each week, effecting the current meta as well. Leader and Leech has popped up as a really annoying card combo for players, destroying their late game plans. Leech and Leader are usually just thrown into a couple of hot decks. However Surfer decks, Dino Decks, and Death decks are still holding strong. Here are some of the decks currently topping the Meta.

Ongoing Destroyer Deck (Meta)

An ongoing deck with a big finish with Destroyer. A current top meta deck, focuses on control, ongoing, and dominating two lanes while also throwing a few points of power into the off lane.
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Leech Leader Deck (Meta)

This is one of the first decks to annoy and upset many players. Some are calling it too easy and saying it is disrupting meta. If you are lucky enough to have these cards, you can give it a shot.
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Sera Surfer Deck (Meta)

This is another currently popular meta decked used and modified by top tier players in Marvel Snap. The main thing is using Silver Surfer to boost all 3 cost cards, and playing Sera to lower all card cost by 1. This allows to you to play 3 cards that originally cost 3 energy on turn 6. It can take the opponent by storm.
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Seracle Surfer Deck (Meta)

The Seracle Surfer deck is another optional deck built on the power of Silver Surfer and Sera. It offer more control with cards like Cosmo and Polaris, yet still hits really hard with the cards Maximus and Brood.
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BAEro Deck (Meta)

Going from one of the newest deck to a modification of an older meta deck, DeathWave, it’s the rockstar BAEro deck. Created by KMBest, this deck is still one of the best frames to build off of. Played by many, seen by more, this is a really famous deck in Marvel Snap. It is a pool three deck, and is fairly set in its cards. A current top meta deck, She-Hulk BAEro, uses the BAEro deck but replaces Magneto and Mysterio with She-Hulk and Leader. More on that deck next.
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She-Hulk BAEro Deck (Meta)

Taking the framework of the top tier meta deck BAEro, She-Hulk BAEro blends the classic meta deck with two top meta cards, She-Hulk and Leader. We put this deck after the original BAEro for easy comparison. It also shows how decks can be changed and adapted to current meta and your play style. The main cards of the She-Hulk BAEro deck keeps the main combos of Aero, Death and Killmonger/Carnage for the destroy points. Then blends in the Leader and She-hulk. This deck has many options to go when played, making it one of the top current meta decks and top BAEro decks.
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Patriot Deck (Meta)

A Patriot deck uses all the no ability cards like Wasp and Shocker. Patriot’s card gives plus 2 power to cards with no ability. It is great against the current Leader Leech deck, and is great fun to play. It’s worth noting that Patriot’s effect works on summoned cards by Brood, Ultron, Doctor Doom, Mister Sinister, and Squirrel Girl.
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Negative Surfer Deck (Meta)

This is another top meta deck for December 2022. IT focuses on playing cards that benefit and work with the abilities of Mister Negative and the new season card Silver Surfer. After all, 3 is the magic number.
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DeathWave Deck (Meta)

The DeathWave deck is arguably one of the best, if not the best, deck building idea for Marvel Snap and its current meta. The DeathWave deck combines a strong destroy deck with the incredible combo of Wave with Death. The idea is to use Wave on turn four followed by an early Death card play. This is a highly adjustable deck but a great starter for new players just getting into meta. In fact, I’m tempted to say DeathWave is more of a deck meta theory than an actual deck list. You have to have the cards Death and Wave, then add some destroy ability cards. Some use Carnage, some use Venom. Arnim Zola is considered by man a key card too for this deck. If you’re lucky enough to have these cards, definitely give this destroy deck a try and make it your way!
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Dino Control Deck (Meta)

One of the most popular decks from beginners in pool 1 to end game high ranking meta players is the devil dinosaur based decks. These give alot of play and room for adjustment since it is mainly based on two cards, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl. White Queen fits in perfectly as a control card and Dino booster. Sentinel adds a 2/3 play without losing a card. Everything else gives power and control. There are many options to change the Dino Control deck, which is why it seems to always float around the top of current meta.
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Special thanks to all the players and data farmers we look to for tips and info.