Oven Chicken Makes Records As Second Most Goals Scored In NHL Career

A big sports news story is topping the internet today as a chicken in an oven has passed Gordie Howe’s 801 goals, giving the oven chicken the second most goals in the NHL. They chicken is only second to the great one, Wayne Gretzky. While listening to sports radio I heard this amazing story and immediately had to make a post about it. I am not only surprised a oven chicken can get a career spot with a pro hockey team like the Washington Capitals, but to score over 800 goals in it’s career.

Surely this achievement will really upset a cross bee. And we will see if the fad continues to let cooked animals play in the NHL, as surely they are over powered.

(Edit: we have recently discovered we were miss informed, as the player is actually not an oven chicken, but a man named Alex Ovechkin. Also, the cross bee who plays for the Pittsburg Penguins refused to comment, as we could not find a contact info for the bee)