Marvel Snap: How To Play The Infinaut Card and Deck Building

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This guide is on The Infinaut card in Marvel Snap. We will cover how to play him, what cards combo well with him, and some of the best deck building ideas with The Infinaut as well. The Infinaut is a key card in meta and an important card to know in Marvel Snap. Good game and good luck!

How To Play The Infinaut Card

The Infinaut is a 6 energy, 20 power card with the ability “If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this“. He is obtained by opening mystery cards in pool/series 2. Because of his ability, there are a few different ways to play him, including removing his ability by playing Zero, your opponent playing Leech, drawing him with Jubilee, Morphed from the opponents hand, or simply doing what the card says and not playing another card before playing him. He can also be brought back if discarded with cards such as Hela or Ghost Rider. His high 6 energy cost makes him a last turn card to play, unless there is a turn 7 or energy boost, or his energy cost is reduced.

The Infinaut is a great card wanted for the power alone. He is currently the most powerful card of all in Marvel Snap. Standing at 20 power, there are some cards that can take advantage of this high power. Dracula can use his 20 power, and if the energy is right, Taskmaster would love to take his 20 power as well. Imagine having a way to play him with Iron Man as well for example, making him 40 power. As you can see, he offers alot of possibilities.

Here is an example of a turn by turn play with The Infinaut:

  • Turn 1: Sunspot
  • Turn 2: optional
  • Turn 3: Storm
  • Turn 4: Jessica Jones
  • Turn 5: Magik
  • Turn 6: skip turn
  • Turn 7: The Infinaut & She-Hulk

That is a low down on how he plays, for more combo examples and decks with Infinaut see more below!

The Infinaut Card Combos

Strom/Jessica Jones/The Infinaut
The Infinaut works well with early turn cards. If you can secure a lane with a Storm/Jessica Jones combo, he can win the second lane many times with his power alone.

The Infinaut plays great with Sunspot, since Sunspot will get all the energy skipped to play The Infinaut. And if Magik is used for the next combo, Sunspot can get even more power.

The Infinaut plays well as a combo with Magik on turn 5, skipping turn 6, then Playing The Infinaut with She-Hulk.

Lady Sif/Ghost Rider or Hela
If Infinaut is the only or one of a few 6 cost cards in your deck he can make a great combo play with Lady Sif. Have her discard him with her discard highest card ability, then he can be brought back with Ghost Rider or Hela, avoiding his annoying ability that blocks a turn to play him.

The Infinaut Deck List

The Infinaut Deck

The Infinaut works well in discard decks since it can be brought back with Ghost Rider or Hela. In discard decks he also can be a great discard power steal for Dracula. The Infinaut is a great fill in for many decks. Here is our list of decks with The Infinaut in them.