South Park Pandemic Special Eric Cartman’s “Social Distancing” Lyrics

New season of South Park starts off with a one-hour special featuring Cartman singing about all the ways the pandemic has made his life better.

Watch “The Pandemic Special” uncensored full episode here:

“Social Distancing” Lyrics

Wow! Another day inside! Don’t have to do a thing!
I love you social dis-tan-cing!
No one’s around, no one’s talking to me
Social distancing I’m freee!
Don’t have to brush my teeth – Or shower. For WHAT???
I can sit on the toilet for hours – As long as I want!
Cuz no one’s saying to meeee. You kids should get outside and do something. Ohp! Nine am! Time for school!
I’m cut off from the world! Isolated, alone- This is what I call existancing!
No one can touch me – or boss me around! Social Distancing
Stay away from me mom! Yeah! You got to keep your social dis-tance! Cause all I’m gonna do is sing… About how much I love you – and I need you – social distancing! Social distancing!