Journeyman Class: Virtuoso Out Now!

as of May 5th, 2023, a new patch is out. The next class upgrade, Elite class 4 for journeyman, best beginner, is now released with the last update. Upgrade from Mman to Vman! Virtuoso is out now. We are working quickly to give all the details of this new class in Idleon!: Legends of Idleon.

First, after reaching Maestro, is to go to the town in world 4. On the very far right, there will be a quest given to your Maestro to get 1 million deathnote kills on every monster in worlds 1, 2, and 3. Right now we are trying to finish Tysons and Snowman to get the kills needed. Then the next quest to becoming a Virtuoso will be unlocked!

IdleOn! Quest: Three Right Answers

Previous Quest: I’m Ready, Promotion!
Next Quest: Slovakian Scare

This quest is given by the NPC, Promotheus, found in Valley of the Beans. It requires choosing a class. You can find more information on classes on our class page. Alternatively, you can choose not to pick a class and go on to be a Journeyman. Find out more about that here.


Select a New Class


“Great, now listen carefully. After I’m done talking here, you’ll get the option to choose 1 of 3 Classes. This is a Permanent Decision. First, the WARRIOR Class. They are close ranged, single target fighters who won’t get knocked down easy. They are the slowest moving class, but their brawn makes them great at physical skills like Mining. Next, the ARCHER class. Quick on their feet, they’ll rapidly pick off weaker enemies from a distance. They do struggle to take down big targets, but their agility makes them great at Crafting Skills like Smithing. Lastly, the MAGE class. They’ll zap, freeze, burn, or even poison their enemies to death. They will get downed by even the slightest of hits, but their high IQ makes them great at Collection Skills like Choppin. Now before you decide, I must tell you one more thing… This may sound strange but this will not be your only character! You will create dozen of characters so you’ll eventually get to play as ALL the different classes! So just pick the class you think you will enjoy first, and know that you’ll get to play the other ones later!


Choose your class! For help, see our Classes Page


1 Talent Point Reset Potion
8 Talent Point Reset Fragment
1000 Coins

Idleon Guide: Journeyman (The Best Beginner)

The journeyman is also referred to as the best beginner, since it is an extended class of the default starter class, beginner. To become a journeyman it is best to have a few characters already, before starting the long journey of quests and peanuts. Journeymen characters aren’t the best for pushing forward, but great for farming lower levels. This page will tell you how to become a journeyman and more about the class.

seem more here “Idleon Guide: Journeyman (The Best Beginner)”