Idleon Guide: Journeyman (The Best Beginner)

The journeyman is also referred to as the best beginner, since it is an extended class of the default starter class, beginner. To become a journeyman it is best to have a few characters already, before starting the long journey of quests and peanuts. Journeymen characters aren’t the best for pushing forward, but great for farming lower levels. This page will tell you how to become a journeyman and more about the class.

Preparing to be a journeyman

a couple of prerequisites are highly recommended before starting your first quest to become a journeyman, the best beginner.

  • You will need a player who is still a beginner and has not yet chose a class.
  • Since the journeyman quest is all about the peanuts, you are going to need the recipe to make a peanut. The peanut recipe is dropped by Picnic Stowaway in Froggy Fields after completing the first couple of quests in his long daily resetting quest chain.
  • How many peanuts will you need to be a journeyman? 2550 + 1 peanuts.
  • A dedicated miner is important to have before making a journeyman. Yea anyone could farm all the copper ore you need to make peanuts. But you are going to need a experienced miner to farm all x gold bars needed to create the golden peanuts for Rocklyte.
  • Bleach logs are also required to craft regular peanuts. To obtain them a fairly experienced choppin character is need as well.
  • The last and most important material needed to make 1000s of peanuts is hot dogs. That makes sense. Hot dogs can be bought at the Blunder Hills shop or in the forest hideaway shop. Also, if you don’t want to use the gold, they are farmed of Wolf Golem, the first world boss, and the slimes in the Jungle Perimeter.

To be really prepared have all the materials ready to create your peanuts. Or at least have enough to get started. Here is a picture of the peanut recipes. Regular peanuts require 2 hotdogs, 1 copper ore, and one bleach long. Sounds about right. Golden peanuts require 100 peanuts and 50 gold bars. Mmmm, mmm! That is one tasty peanut.

Journeyman Quests

To start the long… journey… of quests to become a journeyman, first make a peanut to take with your classless player. Then, go to the Vegetable Patch and find the suspicious looking bush next to the jungle tree. Drop the peanut in front of the bush. Bushlyte will appear. He will give you the first of a six quest chain to achieve the journeyman class. Three will be given by Bushlyte and the other three quest by Rocklyte. However, the last quest is to choose to be a journeyman.

The first quest given by Rocklyte, A Peanut For Your Thoughts, is to make 100 peanuts. Not too tough right? Well, just wait. Remember hotdogs can be farmed or bought at shops. Wouldn’t hurt to have every player you have helping with this.

After giving Bushlyte 100 peanuts it will give you the next quest, Honk If You Love Peanuts. Simply make 250 peanuts to give to Bushlyte.

Like Colin Farrell’s most famous line from the hit classic Daredevil, it’s time for “more peanuts”. After making 250 Rocklyte will give you the third quest, A Peanut Saved Is A Peanut Not Eaten. Create 750 peanuts.

Good job making peanuts! Now after turning in the third quest Bushlyte will give you the Stone Peanut. Take this stone peanut to Rocklyte, the strange rock next to Hamish in Froggy Fields.

Drop the Stone Peanut in front of the rock and Rocklyte will appear, giving the fourth quest in the peanut/journeyman adventure.

Sick of peanuts yet? Lol we’re not! Make 1000 more and we promise you will never have to make another peanut again. Well, that’s not up to us. But there is a legend of a golden peanut, which Rocklyte will give you after finishing How It’s Made Episode & The Super Peanut. LaveFlame2 really likes those long quest names.

The fifth quest is called If Live Gives You Peanuts Make Shiny Peanuts (long name) and really changes it up for being the last quest. Make 5 golden peanuts. That’s gonna be 500 more peanuts to complete btw.

Now! You are able to become a journeyman! Are you really willing to farm all those items and gold now after that? Then you really are a journeyman! Enjoy.

Playing As a Journeyman

Coming soon we will add info on being choosing talents and playing as a journeyman. For now, stack that luck and pick stats for what you want to farm! Talent reset potions are our friend.

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