X-Men ’97 All Release Dates

X-Men ’97 is a follow up of “X-Men: The Animated Series”, the 90’s Saturday morning cartoon on Fox where mutants with remarkable abilities navigate a society filled with prejudice and fear. Set in a universe where genetic mutations grant individuals incredible powers, the X-Men, led by the enigmatic Professor Charles Xavier, strive to protect both mutants and humans alike from threats that seek to exploit or eliminate them. With a diverse cast of characters and thrilling adventures, this animated series delves deep into themes of acceptance, identity, and the constant struggle between good and evil. The show will air on Disney+ from March 20th, 2024 to May 15th, 2024. Release time is every Wednesday at 3:00am EST (Eastern Standard Time).

  1. Episode 1: Streaming as of March 20
  2. Episode 2: Streaming as of March 20
  3. Episode 3: Premieres on March 27
  4. Episode 4: Premieres on April 3
  5. Episode 5: Premieres on April 10
  6. Episode 6: Premieres on April 17
  7. Episode 7: Premieres on April 24
  8. Episode 8: Premieres on May 1
  9. Episode 9: Premieres on May 8
  10. Episode 10: Premieres on May 15

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