X-Men ’97 Reviews: Who Is The Other Jean Grey? Episode 2 Ending Explained

X-Men ’97 is a hit with everyone talking about it online! The new show follows up on “X-Men: The Animated Series,” where mutants with remarkable abilities navigate a society filled with prejudice and fear. Set in a universe where genetic mutations grant individuals incredible powers, the X-Men, led by the enigmatic Professor Charles Xavier, strive to protect both mutants and humans alike from threats that seek to exploit or eliminate them. With a diverse cast of characters and thrilling adventures, this animated series delves deep into themes of acceptance, identity, and the constant struggle between good and evil.

The new series released March 20th with the first two of ten episodes available at once. But it left us all on a huge cliff hanger. Jean Grey, who had been pregnant and due any minute to deliver her and Scott Summer’s (Cyclops) first child, is shown to either be a clone or another Jean all together. As the second episode closes, we see another Jean Grey asking at the door of the X-Mansion asking the X-Men for help. So who is this other Jean Grey?

Who Could The Other Jean Grey Be?

Although we will have to wait until March 27th to know for sure, there are a few obvious fan theories to who the mystery Jean Grey could be. Some may think its Mystique or another shapeshifter, most comic fans are aware it most likely is Madelyne Pryor (The Goblin Queen), a clone created by Mister Sinister to fool Cyclops to help create what he considers the perfect mutant. Their son, Nathan, is known as Cable or even X-Man, in alternative timelines or multiverses.

Thats a bit much to take in, so it seems the show will not go exactly by the comics. In the comic Uncanny X-Men Cyclops meets Madelyne Pryor after losing jean and leaving the X-Men. He doesn’t even question the identical appearance and all other coincidences. So the route the show is going, makes much more sense.

Another huge giveaway that this alternate Jean Grey is has been exposed by none other than the Marvel Legends toyline. Hasbro has for sale right now a Goblin Queen action figure, along with all the other new X-Men ’97 figures.

For even more on Madelyne Pryor, The Goblin Queen, check out JLS Comics full history and origin video on the character sure to come in future X-Men ’97 episodes.

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