Kane Brown Lost in Woods Memes

Kane Brown is catching flack on the internet for getting lost in his own backyard. So of course memes and jokes are involved. Kane Brown was out with some friends exploring his 30 acre woods, which is surrounded by thousands of acres of woods around it. They ended up calling the cops to help be found. The video below the memes has him explaining the whole story.

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One-Liner Jokes

From corny dad jokes to comic legends who use one-liners like Mitch Hedberg and Steven Wright, they are always good for a quick punch. Rather witty or goofy, One-liner jokes are fun for everyone. Many may try not to laugh at them. All one-liners in our collection are one sentence jokes.

I’m Against picketing but I don’t know how to show it.
– Mitch Hedberg

I sprayed spot remover on my dog and he disappeared.
– Steven Wright

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