Month: June 2022

  • Airpods Strap Meme

    Finally there is a way to have a chord on your ear buds. Not actually by apple so you know, new Airpods straps are available for sale online. It seems there may be an easier way around this but, here are the memes!

  • TikTok Videos: What Sound Is That? A Dinosaur

    One hot TikTok video making its way around the web is JUHUHSISC PAROK by Kerry & Ju. Mainly famous for the way she says “Rawwr” and Dinosaur. Made popular as a sound for other TikTokers to use such as country girl Alyssa Caps, the funny pronunciation is cute yet silly.

  • Memes Made By Legos

    I love memes. And I love Legos. So when these two things are combined it makes me happy. Luckily many Lego artists have been inspired by popular memes to recreate some of the most well known meme images into actual Lego artwork pieces with real Lego bricks. Check some of these images of on memes…

  • CUE Guide: Curious Cuisines (Food) Deck

    Good food with Attitude! This deck guide focuses on the Curious Cuisines collection in the Art and Culture card album. Since we don’t know what cards you have, and you can only have 18 in a deck, this is a general guide with ideas and current play as of date. This can always change as…

  • No Cap Memes fr fr

    Yea we here at have the best slang no cap are fr 100% with it bro. don’t be extra salty just cos we got the lit memes that’ll have you deadass shook. Just to prove it, we got this whole dope collections of fresh No Cap Memes that’ll have you in straight dyin’ fits.

  • Stranger Things Season 4 Memes

    Scarier and more gruesome, Stranger Things comes back with a banging season 4 which featuring all the kids a bit older, a new monster, new characters, and a bomb as sound track featuring Kate Bush’s running up that hill. The final 2 episodes for season for will be released on July 1st. Here’s some Stranger…

  • Skeletor Memes

    Rather it’s disturbing facts or letting you know he’s into it, you can always trust a Skeletor meme to tell you the truth. Delivering news and running off is his specialty, and he also wants you to know he is not nice! Well, Skeletor memes are nice, so here is a few.

  • CUE Guide: Cephalopods (Octopus) Deck

    This is one of the most overpowered Decks in the game right now. Also used by some of the bots such as Scooby-Jo. This deck is full of cards from Oceans & Seas. It also uses the mystic card Cthulhu and the ultra-fusion card Tidal Wave. Of course, this can be adjusted for different scenarios…