Actual Mitch Hedberg Donut Receipt

An employee for a donut shop created an actual receipt paying tribute to comedian Mitch Hedberg, and posted it on Reddit.

Mitch Hedberg was known for many one liners, but one joke had carried on way past just his fans. Mitch said he bought a donut and was handed a receipt. “You don’t need to bring paper into this” and “I will file it under D, for donut” was some of the popular lines for the joke.

Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorite comedians, so I am always glad to see other fans creating tribute memes and pictures. This Reddit post has received so much notice it even made it on Yahoo.

After looking around the web and the Reddit post, the store claiming to create the receipt is Stans Donuts in Chicago.
I found a Facebook page and address, but am not 100% this is it.

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