Big News! Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO To Focus On MCU Role As Professor X

Jeff Bezos has announced he is stepping down as CEO for Amazon, and we believe it is for him to focus on his dream role of Professor X in the MCU.

Now that Disney owns the rights to Marvel and Fox, it is only a matter of time until a new X-Men movie is made. And the bald headed wheelchair bound Professor X will surely be in it. Bezos, disappointed Amazon did not get the rights from Fox first, knows there is still a chance to land the role as a regular actor. However, running one of the biggest companies in the world and lobbying to be casted for a role is just too time consuming.

Luckily Jeff Bezos found a replacement. Bezos believes Andy Jassy has all it takes to run the company and is stepping down to executive chair. So, Bezos is already practicing the role by focusing on being in a chair position more than before. He also has had practice playing a psychic, such as his performance in South Park.

This new role will give Jeff Bezos more range as an actor. He has already played the team leader at Amazon. But most importantly is hoping this new role will veer him away from the usual type cast of multibillion dollar bald supervillain roles he is used to playing. We’ll keep you updated!