Idleon! Dungeon Quest: Bother the Frogger!

Previous Quest: Bigger Party Better Party!
Next Quest: The next quest is at Dungeon 2.

This quest is given by Toadstall in Grandfrog’s Backyard, Blunderhills (World One). It is next to the 1st Dungeon, Grandfrogger’s Gazebo.

Quest Requirements

Defeat Grandfrogger

Quest Text and Description

“Ignore the trespassing signs, the frog that lives there is just, cranky… but a nice soup meal will cheer him up!”
QUEST: Go ‘serve’ Grandfrogger some Soup…

Quest Complete Text:
“Hehe… that outta teach that old coot to not hit me off my walking stick! Please, do keep bothering him from time to time, he has it coming!”

How to Complete Quest

Enter the dungeon to the right of Toadstall. Defeat Grandfrogger at least on first phase, then the quest will be complete. Please see our dungeon guide for Grandfrogger’s Gazebo if more info is needed.

Quest Rewards

2 Dungeon Loot Dice
20 Dungeon Credits