IdleOn! Quest: Beatboxing Starterpack

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This quest is given by the NPC Mutton, found in freefall caverns. It requires collecting and crafting items for Mutton to wear.


1 White Headband
1 Give Up On Life Pants
1 Flip Flops (need crafting level 6)

Quest Text And Description

“Oi You there! Whattar you doin’ down ‘ere then eh? “avent seem a soul in the longest time, other than that there rock fella. I could use some ‘elp if ya got the time.”

“Budda bum tshh bbubbubub shh bobobobo blushutuu BLAM! That was a sick beatboxing riff I just did heh! Oh I’m sorry, was that out of character for me? Well then we best hope the developer changes this dialogue line before release!”

“… he didn’t change it? Well, guess I’ll go die of embarassme–BAADA DOOSG badabaaaba dododo badtishaba POW! HAH, SIKE! I’m embracing my new identity!”

“Yo but catch this, I ain’t gon’ be changin’ the game lookin’ like a fool… if I’m not totally decked out in swag, ain’t no-one gonna take lil’ Mutt seriously!”

Quest: Find the right clothes for an aspiring fool who doesn’t realize his beatboxing sucks.


First, head into Freefall Caverns, the second mining area. Talk to the piggy, Mutton to start his quest. He will ask you to get him some sweet new digs so everyone knows how great he is. Collect the white headband and the Give Up On Life Pants from Green Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms, Frogs, Beans, Baby Yaga or Amarok (I find the Green Mushrooms and Frogs the easiest). Craft the flip flops at the anvil, requiring oak logs, copper ore, and bean slices. Then, head back to Mutton with your goods for your rewards and the next quest.


1 Fist Stamp
1 Storage Chest 5
25 Silver Coins

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