Idleon! Quest: Champion of the Grasslands

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This quest is given by the NPC Scripticus, it is an optional last quest given at the end of the main quest line in World One. You have the option to do it now, whenever, or just continue on to World Two.


Complete Scripticus’ Quest Line
Defeat Amarok
Do just about every quest in World One!
Level mining and chopping skilling


“Go make me the 3 Blunderhill Tokens of Completion, and you can have my Blunder Hero Trophy! Here’s the token recipes. You’ll find all their ingredients just from doing everything that this world has to offer!”

How To Complete Quest

To complete this quest you will have to collect a total of 12 NPC tokens from completing NPC quests chains, and collect some rare materials, along with crafting a golden peanut and an Amarok Helmet. This could take some time, but once done, you can consider World One complete. Although surely there will still be much idle farming and achievements to do as well. Does this game ever end??

Tip! You can tap and hold down on the NPC tokens to add them to the storage info tab, allowing more space for inventory!

Starting this quest give 6 beginner recipes for creating Blunder Hills completion tokens. They are:
Blunder Hills NPC Completion Token
Blunder Hills Skills Completion Token
Blunder Hills Misc Completion Token
Easy Blunder Hills NPC Token
Med Blunder Hills NPC Token
Hard Blunder Hills NPC Token


1 Blunder Hero (trophy)