Idleon! Quest: The Bigger They Are, The Bigger They Fall

Previous Quest: What Lies At The Heart Of The Forest
Next Quest: Champion of the Grasslands

This quest is given by the Scripticus


Unlock area Encroaching Forest Villas
Complete What Lies At The Heart Of The Forest


Before Quest Text:
“Forest villagers have the gem thief locked up and are using it as a tourest attraction? That’s uh… oddly convenient. I guess that’s what happens when a developer tries to put contect behind a QoL feature, haha.”

Quest Text:
“Well, it’s all up to you now! Go defeat that thief and take back our Town Crystal, even though you’ll basically topple the Forest Village’s entire Tourist-Based economy in the process!”

Completed Quest Text:
“Lets gooooo!!! Just tap on our Builder Bird to restore power to the portal. Finally, I can start sending letters to all my relatives in the other worlds! I can’t wait to tell them how epic I was at teaching you everything you know!”


To complete the this quest you must defeat the Wolf Golem (Amarok) and retrieve the town gem. Defeating the Wolf Golem will boss will always drop the gem. But, to unlock the key to open his stage you will have to complete Dog Bone’s quest, Why He Die???. Once this is done he will give you a key, and a key each day for each player that has reached this area. Now you can fight the big bad wolf… i mean boss, of World One.

To beat Amarok you must dodge his stomp attack and big arm attack, while destroying his summoned stones that regenerate health and defend damage. We hope to make a more detailed page on the Amarok fight soon.


1 Special Talent Book (Will of the Eldest)
5,000 Exp
4,000 coins

Note! Finishing this quest will also allow you to start the last quest from Scripticus, which gives 6 beginner recipes for creating Blunder Hills completion tokens.