Idleon! Quest: Brochure Building

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: Three Strikes You’re Out!

This quest is given by the NPC Tiki Chief, found in Encroaching Forest Villas in World One, Blunder Hills. It is the start of Tiki Chief’s four quest chain. It is a side quest chain before (or after) defeating Amarok.


Discover Encroaching Forest Villas
Collect 500 Planks
Collect 1,000 Trusty Nails


Quest Pretext:
“Ooga booga bleaurgh agga blagga!!!”

“Welcome to the luxurious Encroaching Villas, the perfect travel destination for anyone looking to ditch the grind and just AFK a bunch!”

“Some of our accommodations are still under construction, but you’re welcome to check out our latest installment! We had a visitor earlier, some big golem, who agreed to being a tourist attraction in return for a place to stay.”

“Ah. so you’ve heard of our golem guest? They’re currently staying in the Leafy Lounge, just a few steps to the Right! You could go visit if you like, you’ll just need to get some Keys from our vendor.”

Quest Text:
“Or hey, why not help me get the word out about this place? I’m bogged down with chief stuff, but if you get me some ingredients I could make some flyers for you to pass out!”

Completed Quest Text:
“Great, I can work with this… Ok take there flyers that I made and hand them out! But we must be strategic with who we invite…”

How To Complete Quest

Collect 500 Planks from the Wood Bode monsters found in the same area as the quest, Encroaching Forest Villas. Also, collect 1,000 trusty nails from the produce tab at the anvil in Blunder hills town.

Tip! This quest can be farmed easily, and along with the quest Why He Die???! If done with that quest you can get enough Dog Bones for all future characters.


5 Kachow Statue
3 Golden Jam