Idleon! Quest: U Cool?

Previous Quest: none
Next Quest: none

This quest is given by the NPC Desert Dave, found in the town of World Two.


Reach class level 35
Reach crafting level 12
Collect 1 Steel Axe
Collect 1 Birch Longbow
Collect 1 Quarterstaff



“I’m another one of them task dudes… You seen my friend Gary, yet? Well, I’m like him but cooler.”

“Maybe a little too cool even for you, why don’t yall stop by a bit later, when you’re cool like me.”
Return at Lv. 35

“Hey, you’re lookin’ kinda cool, not gonna lie… But I gotta run you through one more coolness check.”

“Gary over in them Blunderhills has got some cool recipes. Bring me some proof that you chose the cool ones.”
Quest: Bring cool proof. And don’t worry, you’ll get to keep the items!


Completing this quests requires crafting 3 weapons. But first, if you haven’t already, the items must be unlocked. To unlock these weapons go to Grassland Gary, the task master in World One, and select unlocks in the right top side. here you can unlock the weapons. Unlocks require trophies, which you should have plenty after reaching World Two. If not, complete a few World One tasks until they are unlocked. Craft the 3 weapons: Steel Axe, Birch Longbow, and Quarterstaff. Return to Desert Davey to show these items are created. Now you can start completing World Two Tasks.


50 Gems
2 4 HR Time Candy
3 1 HR Time Candy