IdleOn! Skills

Choppin’ | Mining | Fishing | Catching
Smithing | Alchemy

IdleOn! Skills Tips

Start Producing materials in the anvil tab immediately once you start a new player.

When cycling through characters you can collect anvil production items in the quick reference under anvil. No need to go to town!

Catching and Fishing bag upgrades are found in the unlock tab for tasks in town. The same is true for nets and fishing poles


Smithing is the first skill that is likely to be used and along with alchemy, is often used by every character. Smithing and alchemy are also considered town skills. It requires more production and use materials to make items, unlike the other farming/collecting skills.

Smithing ties into choosing and upgrading weapons and armor. Expert smithing skills along with upgrade stones can make the best item choice.

Archers are good for smithing, specially Bowman.


Choppin’ is one of the first farming skills in a game. Choppin’ is chopping at trees to gain logs for production. Mages and the wisdom stat increase Choppin’.

Mages are good for chopping.


Mining is the other farming skill started in World One. Mining requires collecting ore in the mines. Many consider it the main profession skill and dedicate one or more players to it. Probably because mining is heavily used for making the most and best gear. And it does take time and dedication.

Warriors are good for mining. Journeyman/Maestros are good for supporting miners.


Alchemy is the production town skill of World Two. Alchemy is the most complicated yet resourceful of all the skill professions. Alchemy created account wide account stat bonuses, personal player upgrades, and allows the purchase of more items. Alchemy is also upgrades with cash, materials, or its own brewing cooldown.

There are a few things to do first when alchemy is unlocked. Assign players and create vials, and up water production.

Wizards are good for alchemy.


World 2 farming skill

Barbarians are good for fishing.


Catching is the other World Two farming skill.

Bowmen are good for catching.