Legends of Idleon! Tips, Tricks, & Secrets!

Welcome to our Legends of Idleon! Tips, Tricks and Secrets page. This page is to help every player from beginner to expert get the most and smoothest play out of the game. These tips will help with leveling, farming, and all around game progression. We will start with a few tips for beginning new games or players, and add more as they are discovered.

Super Secret Tutorial Quest

The super secret quest can only be completed in the once an account tutorial area when the game is first started. Many have missed it and it gives no reward. It is mentioned here in our walkthrough guide.

Tutorial Oil Cheat

When you get the tutorial oil it can be used to quickly do your first smelting quest to create a copper bar. But if you remove it before the bar is finished you can reuse it again and again!

Farming Copper Ore Tip

This mining trick is like any other farming trick. Copper ore can be stacked in the forge that is also in the mining area. Usually you are limited by IdleOn skilling by bag space. However since the forge is here in this area, you can fill up your bags, deposit them in the forge, and repeat without losing anything.

The Right Weapon For All Noobs

Rather your first character is a warrior or not, you really want to start with the spear until you get more experience in your class. Unlike any other weapon, the spear can hit multiple targets at once. This allows quicker experience and drop gains.

Amarok Task Tip

Don’t throw away boxing gloves. you can only make them once per character since it requires a quest item from Scripticus. This is important because there is a task to defeat Amarok with boxing gloves equipped. The upgrades gloves do not count for this task.

Unlocking the Journeyman Class

To create a journeyman, they cannot have any other class besides the default beginner class. If you want a journeyman early on, skip the class assignment quest. It is tedious to level unless you already have a few characters, along with farming the materials needed. More on the Journeyman class.

Secret Area: Spike Surprise

The Spike Surprise area is a location that activates a game of pure luck that rewards gems and possibly more. It starts at the beginning of every hour. Get there early to not miss the countdown. There are two ways to get to Spike Surprise. The hard way is to go to the Vegetable Patch and cross the spikey platforms and open up the portal. Or… you can just type “If u love me let me go” into chat to instantly teleport to the location. After you are there once you may return anytime. This mini game is on every hour, like the house monster.

Crafting Gear Tip

Some Quests require certain crafter gear to turn in and complete. If you already have this gear it could be a good time to try and reroll the stats on that gear with new upgrade stones. Between this and Archer’s special stat crafting bonus, the best gear can even be better.

Experience Balloons for Skill Leveling

One of the best tips for leveling skills is using experience balloons. Those first few levels can be hard to grind out with low chance stats and no expertise in the skill yet. Luckily, experience balloons are not affected by this! You can use about 1 balloon per level to fly through what would otherwise be some heavy grindage. Just be sure to be in the right area when using them.

Tasks Vs. Quest

There is a task merit bonus for World Two that increases the monster respawn rate. But you may not want to do this until the quest is done in The Grandioso Canyon. The quest given by Cattleprod requires defeating all the monsters before they respawn.