Marvel Snap: The Infinaut Deck

The Infinaut is a powerful card in Marvel Snap. So, powerful decks have been built around him. Here is our version of The Infinaut Deck. This deck is focused on using the best card combos and play to make sure The Infinaut gets played. The Infinaut gets played by either being pulled by Jubilee, being discarded and brought back by Lady Sif and Ghost Rider, or skipping a turn to play him and letting Sunspot soak up the energy.

Armor is there to protect Sunspot. Storm and Jessica Jones are a known combo to help secure another lane preferably with Sunspot or someone else, before playing The Infinaut in another. Iceman and Scorpion are there to weaken the opponents deck. And for late game, Magik is there to allow an optional play of skipping turn 6 for Sunspot and playing She-Hulk and The Infinaut together.

The Infinaut Deck contains the following cards:

  • Sunspot 1/1
  • Iceman 1/2
  • Scorpion 2/2
  • Armor 2/3
  • Storm 3/2
  • Lady Sif 3/4
  • Jubilee 4/1
  • Ghost Rider 4/3
  • Jessica Jones 4/4
  • Magik 5/4
  • She-Hulk 6/10
  • The Infinaut 6/20

Other cards that are great with The Infinaut decks are:

  • Agent 13
  • Cosmo
  • Warpath

Countering The Infinaut Deck

The Infinaut Deck relies on trying to dominate 2 main locations. Putting pressure on all three lanes can ruin their plan. Pick the weakest lane as an easy win and focus on which one you can also win and go all out. Cosmo is a good counter for The Infinaut decks since they contain many On Reveal cards. And as with many decks, The Leader is a nightmarish counter to see come into play with any The Infinaut Decks on turn 6.