Marvel Snap: Sera Surfer Deck

Currently in Marvel Snap meta many decks are using the new Silver Surfer card that can be bought this season. He can be purchased by buying the Cosmic Power season pass for 9.99. Most of the Silver Surfer decks in top tier meta combine his card with Sera. With Silver Surfer’s ability to give 3 cost cards plus 3 power, combined with Sera’s ability to reduce card cost by 1, you can play 3 cards of 3 cost at once on turn 6. This is a big key to many Silver Surfer decks.

However there is a top of the list meta deck with Silver surfer right now called Negative Surfer that doesn’t have Sera, but contains Mister Negative, Bast, and many 3 cost cards like The Brood, Rouge, Mister Fantastic and Wolfsbane. This is worth noting if you’re determined to play a Silver Surfer deck.

The Sera Surfer Deck contains the following cards:

  • Nova 1/2
  • Angela 2/0
  • Star Lord 2/2
  • Silver Surfer 3/0
  • Bishop 3/1
  • Mister Fantastic 3/2
  • Groot 3/3
  • Killmonger 3/3
  • Rhino 3/3
  • Wong 4/2
  • Enchantress 4/4
  • Sera 5/4

Other good cards for a Sera Surfer deck are:

  • Mister Negative
  • The Brood
  • Killmonger
  • Juggernaut
  • Cosmo

Countering The Sera Surfer Deck

If you can guess where your opponent will play silver surfer he can be countered with Cosmo since he is an On Reveal card. Also, since Sera Surfer heavily relies on late game plays, closing out lanes with Storm, Professor X, Spider-Man, and so on, can really ruin the plans with the deck.

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