Marvel Snap: Patriot Deck

One of the already classic and still going strong meta decks for Marvel Snap is the Patriot deck. It is an ability based decked, or a no ability based deck to be more precise. The key to the Patriot deck is using cards with no abilities but high damage and buffing them up with patriot’s ability to add plus 2 power to cards with no ability. Wasp is a great play in this deck since she will have 3 power and is free to play with her 0 cost. This is great in late game to secure a lane. Any summoned card from an ability will most likely get Patriot’s affect, so they are also great to play with.

The Patriot Deck contains the following cards:

  • Wasp 0/1
  • Misty Knight 1/2
  • Mister Sinister 2/2
  • Shocker 2/3
  • Mystique 3/0
  • Patriot 3/1
  • Debrii 3/3
  • Wave 3/3
  • Blue Marvel 5/3
  • Magik 5/3
  • Onslaught 6/7
  • Ultron 6/6

Other good cards for the Patriot deck:

  • Doctor Doom
  • Squirrel Girl

Countering The Patriot Decks

Green Goblin and Hobgoblin can give Patriot Decks a hard time since they rely on having much board space like a zoo deck. Enchantress can take out Patriot’s ability if needed, and is a 4 cost. So her card can be played after Patriot is played since he is a 3 cost.

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