Marvel Snap: Seracle Surfer Deck

The Seracle Surfer deck combines the power of the Sera Miracle deck with the power of Silver Surfer. It relies on many 3 cost cards. It is also similar to the Sera Surfer deck, but plays more heavily on the Sera card. It also offers a bit more control than other Surfer decks with Cosmo, Polaris, Storm, and Juggernaut.

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Marvel Snap: Patriot Deck

One of the already classic and still going strong meta decks for Marvel Snap is the Patriot deck. It is an ability based decked, or a no ability based deck to be more precise. The key to the Patriot deck is using cards with no abilities but high damage and buffing them up with patriot’s ability to add plus 2 power to cards with no ability. Wasp is a great play in this deck since she will have 3 power and is free to play with her 0 cost. This is great in late game to secure a lane. Any summoned card from an ability will most likely get Patriot’s affect, so they are also great to play with.

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Marvel Snap: Sera Surfer Deck

Currently in Marvel Snap meta many decks are using the new Silver Surfer card that can be bought this season. He can be purchased by buying the Cosmic Power season pass for 9.99. Most of the Silver Surfer decks in top tier meta combine his card with Sera. With Silver Surfer’s ability to give 3 cost cards plus 3 power, combined with Sera’s ability to reduce card cost by 1, you can play 3 cards of 3 cost at once on turn 6. This is a big key to many Silver Surfer decks.

However there is a top of the list meta deck with Silver surfer right now called Negative Surfer that doesn’t have Sera, but contains Mister Negative, Bast, and many 3 cost cards like The Brood, Rouge, Mister Fantastic and Wolfsbane. This is worth noting if you’re determined to play a Silver Surfer deck.

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Marvel Snap: BAEro Deck

One of the best meta decks made for Marvel Snap is the BAEro deck originally played by KMbest. This deck was considered top of the class and is still currently very playable as a high win rate deck. Trying to dominate one location then winning by playing Wave followed by Death is the key here. Currently a top meta deck plays a BAEro/She-Hulk deck, replacing Mysterio and Magneto with the hot cards Leader and She-Hulk.

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Marvel Snap: All Baby Card Variants

Marvel Snap has many card variants for each character. Some fit a certain theme like the following, babies. The baby variants are cute, tiny versions of our favorite heroes and villains in Marvel, much like the chibi variants. There are many baby card variants in Marvel Snap. Check out the following current baby card variants on this page below.

For other variant themes and styles of character cards check out this page.

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Marvel Snap: Leech Leader Deck

One of the top decks played right now in meta for ranked in Marvel Snap is the Leech Leader combo deck. This deck takes two irritating cards when played and puts them together. Leader and Leech are already great for control decks on their own, but now there is a deck that focuses more on these character cards themselves. Introducing the mean green Leech and Leader Deck.

Check out The Leader Deck here without Leech.
See more meta decks here.

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