Marvel Snap: Seracle Surfer Deck

The Seracle Surfer deck combines the power of the Sera Miracle deck with the power of Silver Surfer. It relies on many 3 cost cards. It is also similar to the Sera Surfer deck, but plays more heavily on the Sera card. It also offers a bit more control than other Surfer decks with Cosmo, Polaris, Storm, and Juggernaut.

The Seracle Surfer Deck contains the following cards:

  • Nova 1/2
  • Forge 2/1
  • Goose 2/2
  • Silver Surfer 3/0
  • Brood 3/2
  • Storm 3/2
  • Cosmo 3/3
  • Juggernaut 3/3
  • Killmonger 3/3
  • Polaris 3/5
  • Maximus 3/7
  • Sera 5/4

Other good cards for Seracle Surfer Decks:

  • Mister Fantastic
  • Wolfsbane

Countering Seracle Surfer Decks

Seracle Surfer is a fairly balanced deck. It is one that can go well on the curve and play many cards. Although it plays well against Leader, Leech is still a big problem when played to counter this deck. Since this deck relies on many cards played, using lock cards like Professor X, Storm, and Spider-Man can also counter Seracle Surfer.

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