Why Dr. Doom is the Villain Behind WandaVision

The first two episodes of WandaVision from Disney+ certainly leave a lot unanswered, but after careful observation there are reasons to believe that Dr. Doom could be the main villain of the new hit television series. Easter eggs throughout the episodes, along with knowledge of the comics and a slip from an actress from the show help to lead to this conclusion.

The first clue that Dr. Doom is the brains behind the operation that is WandaVision, comes back in 2019 when actress Sheila Knox tweeted out that her vacation would be cut short after learning she earned a part in the show. Shortly after, she let slip that the show could take place in the town of Doomstadt, Latveria, the birthplace of Victor Von Doom. The same tweet acknowledges that filming in Doomstatd would take place in Helen, GA. The show is filmed nearby at Pinewood Studios, near Atlanta. Doomstadt is also potentially hinted at in the theme song in the first episode in the line “she’s a magical gal in a small town locale” with a locale being a place where something happens or that has particular events associated with it.

The next clue to Dr. Doom being the “main bad guy” requires knowledge of Dr. Doom. The show’s second trailer eludes to others trying to break into this reality that Wanda is in. Dr. Doom is known to have one of the most guarded nations. Whether Wanda is in this reality knowingly or is being made to be there has yet to be seen. However, Marvel’s biography from their site of Dr. Doom really seems to tie into the idea that Dr. Doom has manipulated Wanda into this reality, including putting her into a different time period. Because Doom is regarded as one of the most powerful sorcerers, it’s plausible to think he is capable of this kind of mastermind manipulation. Also, Dr. Doom is considered to be one of the major villains in the Marvel comics, up there with Thanos and Kang so it would make sense for him to be the next super villain.

The doctor’s genius also extends to weaponry of all kinds and sizes, making Latveria one of the most heavily shielded nations on Earth. He has also conquered the problem of time travel through “time-platform,” as well as the ability to cross into other planes of existence through the use of devices. Beyond his scientific operations, Doom also claims one of the most thorough libraries of magic spells and artifacts on the planet and the skills to use them to maximum effect. In fact, he has brought sorcery to a level that rivals or even exceeds his scientific knowledge.

Marvel’s Biography of Dr. Doom

Another clue is that Agnes is assumed by many to actually be Agatha Harkness, the teacher/mentor of the Scarlet Witch, and the nanny of Franklin Richards, son of Sue Storm and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, the main antagonist being-you guessed it- Dr. Doom.

Agnes/Agatha mentions in episode one that she just returned because her mother-in-law was in town. MCU sticks closely to the comics but often changes things to connect main characters. Could Agnes/Agatha have a more intimate relationship with Dr. Doom than in the comics? Dr. Doom’s mother is highly connected to Mephisto since she is also considered a powerful witch and is brought back to life by Mephisto so even though many theorize that Mephisto is involved, Dr. Doom could be the main antagonist controlling everything overall, including Agatha, Mephisto, Cynthia Von Doom, and Senor Scratch.

Now that we are entering phase four of the MCU, everyone is wondering who the next big bad will be following Thanos. Much like Thanos, Dr. Doom would be featured over the next three phases, phases four through six. Marvel has stated they want Dr. Doom to be introduced separate from the Fantastic Four, and we may not be the main villain fro their first MCU movie. This goes well with comics.

Lastly, ever since Disney acquired Fox, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been impatiently waiting for news regarding the famed characters that came along with the purchase of Fox. After being separate from the MCU previously, iconic Marvel Comics characters such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and Deadpool are now free to enter the world’s most famous cinematic franchise. It remains to be seen how these characters will be integrated into MCU, but it seems not only possible but likely that WandaVision will help to bridge that gap.

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