Wandavision: Scarlet Witch and The Infinity Stones

There is no denying Wanda Maximoff has a strong connection to the infinity stones. This is especially true with the reality stone and mind stone. Although she is more connection to these two particular stones, she seems to also use powers from each stone at some point in the MCU movies and in WandaVision. But, one of the most interesting thing about Wanda and the infinity stones is her ability to destroy them, and possibly find and recreate them, which we will discuss at the end of this article.

Wanda and The Reality Stone

All the stones’ powers have their own unique color. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Reality Stone is a red liquid known as the Aether. Wanda’s powers look like, and mostly represent the same power of reality manipulation.

Wanda and the Mind Stone

Although more Vision’s thing, Wanda’s relationship with Vision and psychic abilities make this work. She also can communicate with the stone some. She is even said to get her powers from Strucker’s mind stone experiments from Loki’s staff.

Wanda and All the Infinity Stones

We already covered the mind and reality stones, but Wanda seems to connect to all of the Infinity Stones.

Wanda’s twin brother, Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver) was also given his power’s from the mind stone. However, like his sister, the stone granted him power’s that resembled that of another stone. Quicksilver’s powers emit the same blue glow as that of the space stone, seen in the Tessaract. Also, his ability to move so quickly could also be considered him manipulating space.

In WandaVision, she seems to have also gained some power similar to that of the time stone, as we see at the end of episode two when she rewinds after running into the S.W.O.R.D. agent/bee guy.

Toward the end of the second episode, we see Wanda create life- both by bringing Vision back and by making herself pregnant-which is one of the powers of the soul stone.

The power stone is difficult to find a connection with. However, the power stone is known for its ability to give strength to the other stones. Also, the Scarlet Witch is able to do some pretty incredible things with her powers, which could be the power stone at play.

Wanda and the Power to Destroy and Possibly Create Infinity Stones

In The Avengers: Infinity War, we see Scarlet Witch destroy the Mind Stone. We are also led to believe that she is the only one who is able to this, as Thanos mentions he had reduced the power of a stone, but not destroy it. Early in the first episode we see Wanda accidentally break a plate on Vision’s head. Could this be a euphemism for Wanda’s ability to break the stones? If so, we could also assume she can fix them, as she magically does to the broken plate. We see a teaser to this in the trailer, and we can assume the Mind Stone will definitely come into play.

It’s nearly impossible to say what will happen next in both WandaVision and in MCU, but it’s pretty safe to say that Wanda and her connection to one or many of the Infinity Stones will play an important role.