X-Men Animated Series Update: Cyclops Voice Actor Passes; Disney+ may pick up series

For a while many have been following reports of a possible follow up seasons to the most loved cartoon version of the X-Men, the 90’s animated series. Reports suggest the original cast and crew are in talks with Disney to resume the series on Disney+. Sadly, news also broke that one of the main cast members Norm Spencer, who was the voice actor for Cyclops, passed as of August 31st.

One of the main reasons people began to speculate that X-Men: The Animated Series may be restarted was from Disney+ adding profile avatars of our favorite mutants. Not only did they add the characters to the profile option, but used the likeness of the series, even though there are many versions to choose from all the movies and comics, not to mention other shows.

Yet this was not the biggest clue of hope for a revival of the classic Marvel show. Producer and Director of the famous X-Men cartoon Larry Houston, had pitched a show return to Disney for Disney Plus, backed by most of the original cast and crew. Other talks are said to be taking place this year.

Although hopes are high for a series renewal, this was all before news broke throughout the comic world of the original voice actor Norm Spencer passing. All this confirmed by lifetime bub and coworker Cal Dodd. Although the series will never be the same without hearing Spencer’s screams for Jean and powerful leading voice, hopefully we can still move forward for old time’s sake.