Legends of Idleon!: Complete Walkthrough

Note: This game is in early access and so is this guide! Since the game is incomplete, this guide will be too. We are adding to it weekly, sometimes daily!

Another Note: This is a game that thrives on afk while you are working, sleeping or whatever you do. We will try to make the best notes on when it is time to go “idle on”.

Tutorial Area – Starting the Game

Download and start the game. You will first start in the tutorial area 1. Only your first character will go through this stage. Kill five monsters to open the door, leading into the next tutorial area. In tutorial area 2 there are some monsters you cannot defeat without the proper weapon. You will need to climb the rope to the top platform. On the top platform there is an alien tree, starlight mining node, and a forge. Collect 7 pieces of ore from the node and 7 logs from the tree. Take these to the forge and make the Flesh Reaper in the craft tab. Equip the new weapon but tapping the Items button on the bottom bar. Now its time to kick some butt. Kill the five monsters to unlock the portal door to the next area. In tutorial area 3 you will have a small cut scene with the massive troll, before falling to world one, where the game really begins!

Secret Quest with Secret Stone. Before leaving the Tutorial Area there is a special secret quest that offers nothing… so far. Upon completion it will be noted in the codex. While at the Anvil scroll down to see the Secret Stone. It requires the materials of 2 Flesh Reapers, 5 starlight ores, and 5 alien logs. Go back through the first portal to complete.

Player Menu (Main Screen)

After finishing the starting tutorial choose how you want to log in and save your game. It can be by Google, Email, and other ways to come in future releases. This will open up the Player Menu screen. This is what will open up by default from now on after starting the game. Here new players are created and selected. You can also log out, check patch notes, and change the background on this screen. As a beginner there is only one character. But, extra players can be unlocked as you level.
Unlock 2 players at level 7
Unlock 3 players at level 30
Unlock 4 players at level 60
Unlock 5 players at level 130
Unlock 6 players at level 225
It is reported in patch notes 7 player cap will be added soon.

Click Create to make your first player! There are a few option for creating a character only available on creation.

Player Name: This is the chosen name for the current player. It is different for each new player you create and cannot be previously taken.

Star Sign: This is kind of like a zodiac sign for your player. Each Star Sign gives a different stat bonus. Currently there are 4 Star Signs. See the 4 on the table below

  • The Buff Guy: +1% Total Damage and +3 Strength
  • Flexo Bendo: +2% Movement Speed and +3 Agility
  • The Book Worm: +1% Main Experience Gain and +3 Wisdom
  • The Fuzzy Dice: +3 Talent Points and +3 Luck

Gender: choice one of the 5 genders.
(Male, Female, Other, Neither, or Stick-Figure)

Starting Hat: Choose a starting cap for your character looks.
(Baseball Hat, Grey Beret, Propeller Cap, Traffic Cone, or None)
Note: Cone gives +1 Luck

After designing your first player, select your character and click play to begin the game!

World One: Blunder Hills

Blunder Hills is the starting world of Legends of Idleon!. It is one of four Worlds that make up the whole map of the game. It consists of 21 areas which we will cover below.

Blunder Hills: Town Area

Before running off into the wild let’s take a second to get familiar with the town. The town of Blunder Hills is one stage. It is the starting area after creating a player. The town consists of a few NPCs, your storage chest, The Shop, a couple portal doors, and a forge and smelt. Here you will find Scripticus, the main quest giver. Talk to him to receive your first quest, Hardcore Gamer Status. You can explore the town and start farming as well, or take the portal to the right of Scripticus to begin the first mission.

Tip! Go ahead and tap on the Anvil and and select the Produce Tab. You can get your production for yarn started. Producing materials from the Anvil Produce Tab is the quickest and most efficient way yo level up smithing. Be sure to check you production when ever you are in town.

Blunder Hills: Spore Meadows

Now the adventure begins! To complete the first quest of the game defeat five green spores and return through the portal you came in on the left. Talk to Scripticus to receive the second quest.

Right back into town you will turn in your first quest and receive your second quest from Scripticus, Gear Up Gamer!. This a is quest is just to get you used to using the shop and crafting weapons and armor. All that is needed to complete the quest is to make some Boxing Gloves. After getting the quest, head to the Shop to buy five Cue Tapes. Scripticus automatically gives the Crimson String needed once the quest is started. Now go to the Anvil and make those gloves!

To make the gloves click on the Anvil. Then click on the Boxing Gloves and select craft. You don’t have to equip them to complete the quest, but you probably want to for the stats. Scripticus will also give a Red Headband to equip for completing the quest. Be sure to click on Scripticus to get your third quest, Mr. Worldwide.

Head back to Spore Meadows to complete the third quest. The third quest, Mr. Worldwide, shows how portal doors are open. Just like in the tutorial area, there is a certain number of monsters in the area that have to be beat to unlock the next area. Defeat the 45 monsters to unlock map 2 area. You may not want to go idle just yet! Because you will still take a damage from the green spores until a few more levels, or better gear is crafted. If you start to take too much damage and get close to death run back into town to instantly heal. After unlocking the portal door peak inside then run back out! It is still too dangerous in there to hang out just yet. Turn the quest in at Scripticus back in town.

The next quest, The Choice Is Yours!, is simply choosing 5 talent points. This is the fourth quest can be done instantly and then completed. (talent points page and guide) Now its time to start the fifth quest, Certified Swinger. This requires the player to do a couple of side quests involving mining for the goblin Glumlee. He can be found in the portal on the left side of the town, which leads to Tunnels Entrance.

Blunder Hills: Tunnels Entrance
(Intro to Mining/Smelting)

Talk to Glumlee to start his quest chain. Unless you want to go idle now for about a day or more, you won’t finish his whole quest line. However you can get enough done to complete the quest Certified Swinger and continue on Scripticus’ main quest.

Glumlee will teach you about mining and guide you in getting started. Glumlee’s first quest, Learning To Swing, requires mining five copper ores. You do not need anything equipped to start mining. Tap on any of the copper nodes to start mining. After collecting five ores click on Glumlee again to turn in the quest and receive his second quest Learning To Smelt.

Tip! When you get the tutorial oil it can be used to quickly do your first smelting quest to create a copper bar. But if you remove it before the bar is finished you can reuse it again and again!

To complete Learning To Smelt make one Copper Bar in the forge. Glumlee will give you the Tutorial Oil to use along with the copper ore that was just mined. You can use either the forge in town or the forge in Tunnels Entrance. Tap on the forge and drag the Tutorial Oil and at least 2 Copper Ores to the light grey boxes on the forge screen. It will smelt quickly this one time. Collect the Copper Bar and tap on Glumlee to complete. Glumlee will give you the next quest.

The third and last quest, Literally Burning Your Money, that is needed from Glumlee to complete Certified Swinger is to upgrade the forge. Click on the forge and select the dim yellow arrow to open up the upgrade tab. There is six options for upgrade. However, the first one cost 10 silver and 80 copper, while the other five cost 50 copper. But, the prices rise quickly for each upgrade level you buy. At this time you may not have 250 copper to buy all needed upgrades.

Tip! The quickest and most consistent way to farm money in the game is by defeating monsters. This can be done by playing or leaving the game on idle while you are afk. Even if the game is off you will continue to collect experience, money, materials, and loot drops. Be sure to be at the highest level area you can survive in infinitely or eventually the player will run out of food and stop farming.

To finish the quest Literally Burning Your Money you can sell items for money, but farming it out from monsters is a better move in the long run. Most items are important in some way. Farming monster on Auto for under ten minutes in Spore Meadows gave more than enough money to buy all the forge tabs. It also gave enough experience to get past level five and a quite a few Spore Caps to store for later. After buying the five forge upgrades tap on Glumlee to complete the quest. Glumlee will ask you to return after reaching mining level 11. That’s a long way considering the quest and will need much afk idling.

Now its time to return to Scripticus to turn in the quest Certified Swinger. Now that mining is learned, Scripticus will focus once again on smithing, sending the player on a longer smithing quest called The Smithing Grind. Everything to farm this quest is found in the two areas covered so far which are adjacent to town.

Learning About Choppin and Smithing

To complete the next main quest, The Smithing Grind, you will need 30 Spore Caps, 20 Copper Ores, and 25 Oak Logs. The Copper Ore can be farmed to the left of town in the Tunnels Entrance. And the Oak Logs and Spore Caps can be farmed in the Spore Meadows to the right of town. You will need to start choppin to get the Oak Logs. Choppin is just like mining, and has its own quest giver as well, Woodsman. Tap on Woodsman to receive the first Choppin quest, A Noob’s First Swing, before you start farming for Oak Logs. Now its time to chop away! This is another good time to afk on idle.

After collecting all the Oak needed and completing A Noob’s First Swing, you can get the next Choppin quest, A Noob’s 2nd First Swing. This quest takes awhile to complete so it can be done now on idle or later. Like ore, you will need alot of log in the game, and may want to be constantly farming it. finish collecting as many Spore Caps as needed from the Green Spores. Next head back to Tunnels Entrance to get all the ore required, if needed.

Now its time to start some crafting… or smithing, or anviling? What ever you call it, lets make some armor! Go to the anvil in Town and select the Orange Tee and the Farmer Brim to create them. There are many pieces of armor, weapons, and tools you can make off from the start. But you also need to be the right level to make and equip them. Remember, producing items with the anvil, even when not playing, is the quickest way to level smithing.

After making those two items the quest The Smithing Grind will be done. Turn it in at Scripticus to pick up the next main quest. The next main quest from Scripticus, Can’t Somebody Else Do It, will require you to reach level seven and create a new player! At this point you should be close enough to level seven to farm out the rest of the experience quickly if needed. Also you will be required to use the Storage Chest again at least one time.

Creating The Second Player. Learning to Idle

After reaching level seven click on the Menu tab and select Swap Player to select the Player Menu. Here you can make your second character. The creation is like the first character, mentioned at the guide’s beginning in the Player Menu section. Be sure to leave your first character doing something productive while creating and possibly player the second player. At this point it is completely safe to leave them in Froggy Fields, the next area in Blunder Hills after Spore Meadows.

Creating many players and having them all work functionally together is the key to the game. While you are idle in afk, rather playing or the game is off, your characters will continue to farm.

At this point you can go ahead and restart all the quest and leveling with your second player, or leave them on idle while continuing on with the first player created. Talk to Scripticus after creating the second player to get the next main quest, The Unoccupied Picnic.

Blunder Hills: Froggy Fields

The quest The Unoccupied Picnic will take you to the third area in Blunder Hills, Froggy Fields. Here you can find the Colosseum as well. The Colosseum is to the right side of the area with the NPC Typhoon. He will give you a small quest, Surprise Attack, to defeat frogs before allowing you into The Colosseum.

The Colosseum is a great quick way to gain extra experience and items. But, there is only one ticket granted a day, which is used between all players.

After checking out or passing up The Colosseum you can continue on to the quest The Unoccupied Picnic. This whole quest takes place in Froggy Fields.