Marvel Snap: DeathWave Deck

One if not the most popular styles of deck, preceding and inspiring the famous BAEro deck, is the destroy deck with the deadly Death/Wave combo, the DeathWave Deck. There are many variations of this deck. But the main idea is working into playing Death by lowering cost or using Wave, while building in a ramp-like style damage on the board. Wave can be played on turn 3 to allow death to be played on turn 4. But, if there is already many cards destroyed, you can wait to play Death even cheaper.

DeathWave deck is also known for having many different routes or options to play, and giving some control with cards like Aero and Magneto. Power, control, and deck flow could be said to be the most important factors in Marvel Snap, and the Death/Wave combo decks have it all. This is a standard DeathWave deck list of cards. But there is room to play, like Venom, or Leader!

The DeathWave Deck has the following cards:

  • Hood 1/-2
  • Yondu 1/2
  • Bucky Barnes 2/1
  • Carnage 2/2
  • Mysterio 2/4
  • Wave 3/3
  • Deathlok 3/5
  • Jubilee 4/1
  • Odin 6/8
  • American Chavez 6/9
  • Death 9/12

Other great cards for Death/Wave are:

  • Arnim Zola
  • Venom
  • Shang-Chi
  • She-Hulk

Countering DeathWave Decks

Countering DeathWave decks is easy if you focus on the necessary destruction in needs to win. Blocking, or stopping any cards from being destroyed can really counter and create wins against this deck. This can be done by locking lanes before destroy cards are played, protecting all cards with the Armor card, or even using Cosmo. Cosmo is great against many destroy effect cards since most of them are an On Reveal ability. But, the very least, if you are not prepared to play a DeathWave deck, try not to add to the destruction and destroy cards yourself!

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