Marvel Snap: Dino Control Deck

One of the top deck themes in Marvel Snap is the Devil Dinosaur decks. There are many versions of the dino decks, but they are usually best when put together with control/tech cards to win the game. This is our basic dino control deck. This deck has a variety of options in replacing cards, but to keep it true to the Devil Dinosaur cards, you want to keep a few key cards. Must have cards for a good Devil Dinosaur deck is Moon Girl, White Queen, Sentinel, and of course Devil Dinosaur himself. These cards keep Devil Dinosaur buffed with more cards in hand. Other cards can be replaced for availability, play style, or current top meta cards.

Other one cost cards that work well with Devil Dinosaur are Agent 13 and Quinjet. Mantis is great as well but can be a hit or miss. A popular meta deck in December 2022 is the Good Card Dino Deck. Simply ass Quinjet, Leader, and Maximus to the Dino Control deck in replace of Sunspot, Polaris, and Arnim Zola and you have that deck!

The Dino Control Deck contains the following cards:

  • Sunspot 1/1
  • Armor 2/3
  • Sentinel 2/3
  • Lizard 2/5
  • Cosmo 3/3
  • Polaris 3/5
  • Shang-Chi 4/3
  • Moon Girl 4/4
  • White Queen 4/6
  • Devil Dinosaur 5/3
  • Aero 5/8
  • Arnim Zola 6/0

Other good cards for Dino Control decks:

  • Agent 13
  • Quinjet
  • Maximus
  • Leader
  • Leech

Countering Dino Control Decks

As most high power card decks have to, the Dino Control deck wants to watch out for Shang-Chi. Arnim Zola helps with this by making two, but you still need two lanes to win the game. If you plan on facing many dino decks in a season, having opponent discard cards will greatly help.

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