Marvel Snap: Leader Deck

The Leader card in Marvel Snap has taken the meta by storm this season. The Leader paired with Leech to make a Leech/Leader deck has upset alot of players and some have called for developers to fix it. But, this may just be a clue to how competitive the game may be, and how important the meta is. However, with his own solo deck the Leader shows he can cause damage without the help of Leech. Check out this Leader deck below that is currently making its way around Marvel Snap. Of course, Leech could easily replace Jessica Jones or Vision to make it a Leach Leader deck. But, they key here is using Vision to control the final turn placement and win the game.

The Leader Deck contains the following cards:

  • Sunspot 1/1
  • Scorpion 2/2
  • Armor 2/3
  • Lizard 2/5
  • Thor 3/4
  • Maximus 3/7
  • Jessica Jones 4/4
  • White Queen 4/6
  • Vision 5/7
  • Aero 5/8
  • Leader 6/4
  • Magneto 6/12

Other good cards for The Leader Deck:

  • Leech
  • Polaris
  • Cosmo

Countering The Leader Deck

Being that this deck is focused on the Leader card, Patriot decks are a great counter for it. Also, any deck with cards to fill the opponents space like Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, or Debrii can make it hard for the Leader to do his magic.

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