Marvel Snap: She-Hulk BAEro Deck

One of the top new meta decks for December 2022 in Marvel Snap, the She-Hulk BAEro deck offers much playability combos and meta play. It is a current meta version of the original BAEro deck, which itself evolved from the DeathWave deck. It keeps the Aero/Death card combo and the destroy cards Carnage, Deathlok, and Killmonger from BAEro, while adding newer meta cards. It’s worth noting that one of the main cards in this deck is Leader, who is currently a top meta card. This deck is a power house currently and if you’re lucky enough to have all the main cards like Aero, Death, Leader, and She-Hulk it is definitely worth playing. She-Hulk BAEro deck0 has a high win rate and is fun to play.

The She-Hulk BAEro Deck contains the following cards:

  • Hood 1/-2
  • Squirrel Girl 1/1
  • Yondu 1/2
  • Bucky Barnes 2/1
  • Carnage 2/2
  • Killmonger 3/3
  • Wave 3/3
  • Deathlok 3/5
  • Aero 5/8
  • Leader 6/4
  • She-Hulk 6/10
  • Death 9/12

Other great cards for the She-Hulk BAEro decks are:

  • Nova
  • Magneto

Countering The She-Hulk BAEro Deck

Like the original . So, using cards to stop the opponent from destroying cards really helps. This can be done with Armor, Professor X, and even Cosmo. This deck has been considered the best for a long time, so using newer meta decks can help as well.

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