Marvel Snap: Shuri Vision Deck

Shuri is a power card new to Marvel Snap. She is a series 5 card, making her ultra rare for now. So, when someone is lucky enough to get her, they want a good deck. Since Shuri is early in meta, deck building ideas with Shuri are ever changing. But, for now one of the top meta decks for Shuri combines her with a power control deck and with Vision. Playing Shuri then Vision gives much power for Vision to move to the needed location. Combining this with control gives much tactic to the Shuri Vision deck. If you replace Thor and Magneto with Cosmo and Taskmaster, you will get the Shuri Pile deck!

The Shuri Vision deck contains these following cards:

  • Sunspot 1/1
  • Scorpion 2/2
  • Armor 2/3
  • Lizard 2/5
  • Thor 3/4
  • Maximus 3/7
  • Shuri 4/2
  • White Queen 4/6
  • Vision 5/7
  • Aero 5/8
  • Leader 6/4
  • Magneto 6/12

Other good cards for a Shuri Vision deck:

  • Cosmo
  • Taskmaster

Countering The Shuri Vision Deck

The Shuri Vision deck relies heavily on On Reveal effects. So this can be countered with Cosmo’s ability. Also, Shang-Chi can be used to knock out whatever character card Shuri overpowers.

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