Legends of IdleOn: Classes

Warrior | Mage | Archer | Journeyman

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There are currently four classes of players in Legends of IdleOn!. All players starts off as the beginner class (which can be considered part of the Journeyman class), before finally selecting a main class. Three of these classes are found in the third fighting area of world one, Valley of the Beans. They are given by doing a quest for Promotheus. This includes Warrior, Mage, and Archer. The fourth class is a bit more tedious and complicated to obtain. The fourth class, Journeyman, requires a collection of quest and much farming of peanuts.

IdleOn! Warriors

Warriors are a great area damage class with high HP. Warriors use strength as their main stat with wisdom for accuracy. The skills associated with Warriors so far are mining and fishing. In IdleOn, Warriors can great for afk fighting and bosses, but do better than any other class by far in the Colosseum. This is specially true because of their ability to area damage, and the barbarian move mocking shout.

IdleOn! Mages

Mages are a heavy damage class but is a bit weaker in heath then the others. Mages are great at one on one fights such as boss or crystal monster fights. Wisdom is the most important stat for Mages, giving more damage and MP for casting spells. Mages also are great for choppin.

IdleOn! Archers

This class is probably the weakest in game as of now, not including Journeyman. They use agility as their main stat.

IdleOn! Journeyman

How To Become A Journeyman Class

Virtuoso Class is out now!

The secret best beginner class. Journeyman are favored mostly for their specialization in luck, raising drop rates. In a game about being idle, this is a must have class for farming experience and materials while AFK.