IdleOn! Quest: Wait No, I Meant Pathetic Gaming

This quest is given by the NPC XxX Cattleprod XxX, found in Grandioso Canyon. It requires defeating all the Mafiosos and Sand Castles before the time limit is up.


Defeat 30 Mafiosos
Defeat 18 Sandcastles
Time starting at 72.


“Wait no I remember!! You need to also kill all the sand castles, cuz like the maps have connected spawn timers…? My friend told me and he’s way smarter than you so go do it!”
Quest: Defeat Mafioso’s and Sand Castles super fast

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IdleOn! Quest: Platforms in Disguise, Platformers!

This quest is given by the NPC Wellington, located in Sands of Time. In order to complete this quest, you must find the three secret platforms hidden throughout the game.


Find platforms


“Next to the 1st mark I see frogs, the 2nd mark I believe is located in a Doctors office, and the 3rd is somewhere between Grandioso Canyon and here.”
QUEST: Find the 3 invisible platforms hidden throughout the game.


Wellington gives some clues to find the platforms, but we’re here to help you the rest of the way. To get the first platform, head to Froggy Fields. In the top left hand corner of the map you can click and you’ve found your first Wellington platform!

Next, head down to the sewers, to the area called The Office. Head up to the grate that looks open. (See photo) Second platform found!

TIP! This is also the area in which you can drop bolt cutters (dropped from green mushrooms) in order to access a secret area, Meel’s Crypt!

Last, head to Pincer Plateau. Follow the arrows in the background and you’ll easily find the third and final platform. Head back to Wellington to collect your rewards!


1 Brainstew Stamp
1 Arcane Stamp

Idleon! Smithing Skill Guide

Welcome to our all around guide for the wonders of smithing in Legends of Idleon! Here we will collect and share tips, info, and other guide stuff such as the following.

Be sure to check out how to get an extra 100 points ahead in production and know about the Godly Creation talent for extra stats on gear when crafting!

Starter Guide | Leveling | Talents
Forging | Production | Crafting

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Idleon! World 3: Ice Mountains

Save your time candies! Soon the much anticipated word 3: Ice Mountain will be released (V. 1.20). The creator of game has announced the release date for world 3 for around May 22nd, give or take a few days. World 3 will have many of the same features of the previous worlds such as monsters and portals for stages, plus two new resource skills and one new town skill. Also, it is teased that a tower defense game and much more new features.

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IdleOn! Quest: What Lies at the Heart of the Forest

This quest is given by the NPC Scripticus, found in Blunder Hills Town. It requires finding the forest village.


Find Forest Camp


“One last things before I write up a report. It has been so long sing I got to play a joke on Scripticus, and I want you to help me pull another one on him! Go get me some carrots and logs so I can make a little carrot mannequin for you to prank him with, and I’ll have the report ready when you return!”
QUEST: Gather carrots from the Vegetable Grove as well as some logs.


This quest takes quite a while as it requires going through the entirety of the map with the exception of Tucked Away. After finding Stiltzcho in Jungle Perimeter and completing his tasks, the next thing for you to do is just push through the map at Winding Willows, defeating Baby Boas, Vegetable Patch, defeating Carrotmans, and finally Forest Outskirts, fighting Goblins. Once you’ve defeated 350 Goblins, you can open the Portal to Encroaching Forest Villas, which is where the Forest Camp is found. Many new adventures await here, including the World 1 Boss, Amarok! But don’t forget to return to Scripticus for your rewards for this quest.


10 Bottled Town Teleports
2 Small Experience Balloons
2500 Class Exp

IdleOn! Skills: Choppin

Choppin works by chopping at trees to gain logs, leaves, and experience. Trees will eventually run out of leaves, but they will regenerate. Choppin also has a minigame where you can earn bonus exp, logs and leaves. Blunder Hills trees drop Grass Leaf while Yum Yum Desert Trees drop Twisty Leaf.


NameImageProductExpArea Found
Oak TreeOak Tree.pngOak Logs.pngOak Logs2Spore Meadows
Birch TreeBirch Tree.pngBleach Logs.pngBleach Logs6Valley of the Beans
Jungle TreeJungle Tree.pngJungle Logs.pngJungle Logs12Vegetable Patch
Toilet TreeToilet Tree.pngPotty Rolls.png Potty Rolls50Poopy Sewers
Forest TreeForest Tree.pngForest Fibres.pngForest Fibers20Tucked Away
Palm TreePalmtree.pngTropilogs.png Tropilogs32Desert Dunes
Stump TreeStump Tree.pngVeiny Logs.png Veiny Logs90Hollowed Trunk
Alien TreeAlien Tree.pngAlien Hive Chunk.png Alien Hive Chunk6Tutorial Area

Choppin Minigame

The object of the choppin minigame is to tap the screen when the leaf is over green or yellow areas. Green is 1 point and yellow is 2 points!

Tip: Getting in yellow is 2 points but it also slows the game down a little!
Make sure to tap 2 or 3 times in the green when the game starts for maximum points.